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and institutional investors.



About us

Kervis is a real estate investment specialist established in 2011 that invests, develops and manages investments across multiple asset classes on behalf of international investors.
Kervis team has over 25 years of investing experience and has executed more than €15bn of transactions in Italy.

Kervis over the years established several partnerships with international private equity groups and institutional investors executing direct investments in real estate and distressed credit and providing advisory and strategic oversight.

Kervis professionals have international backgrounds having managed transactions with a main focus on living, logistics, and office. Kervis acts as a multi-strategy platform that identifies investment opportunities and executes complex repositioning projects creating value along the entire life cycle of the asset.

Key figures

25 years of international investing experience

€1.5 billion of transactions in Italy

€1,7 billion asset under management

18 investments under management



An inspiring vision

Be the reference point for international investors in the Italian real estate market, delivering best-in-class projects combining performance, innovation and sustainability.



A consistent

To maximize investment results for our partners and clients leveraging our market and product knowledge and our ability to deliver successful projects combining quality, efficiencies, and positive contribution to local communities.



What we believe in

Care and attention in our activities

Care is at the heart of everything we do.
It’s in our name: “care” (Ker) and “Vis” (strength, in Latin) inspire the guiding principle of the Group every day:
“Our strength lies in taking care of our clients.”


Each project is enriched by our extensive 30-year experience in the Real Estate sector, making every Kervis endeavor better every day.


Trust is the cornerstone upon which we build relationships. Kervis stands for reliability. Every commitment made is a commitment kept. Our clients, partners, investors, and the community can rely on our consistency, integrity, and long-term commitment.


Excellence is our norm. Our competence in the real estate sector is rooted in years of experience, and in-depth knowledge has allowed us to develop a significant and recognized expertise, serving as a hallmark in our projects.

Sustainability: commitment to pursuing

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our vision. In every project, there is a constant commitment to pursue the highest ESG standards to protect the environment.

Quality of Life

All projects aim to bring about a qualitative improvement in people’s lives and urban environments. Improvement is intended for both our buyers and the neighborhood through Give Back activities.


The future is shaped by the continuous pursuit of new ideas and solutions. At Kervis, innovation is the driving force. We are committed to constantly exploring new approaches, technologies, and designs to anticipate market needs and provide cutting-edge solutions.





Kervis SGR S.p.A. is fully owned by Kervis Asset Management S.p.A. which is independently controlled by its senior management.

Board of Directors

Chairman of Board of Directors
Marco Polenta

Giulio Bentivoglio

Board Member
Giacomo Lurani

Independent Board Member
Andrea Conso

Board of Statutory Auditors

Riccardo Andriolo

Standing member
Filippo Colonna

Standing member
Francesca Masotti

Alternate member
Francesca Firpo


ESG Committee

Giancarlo Patri

Elisa Pizziconi

Gianluca Potenza

Alessandro Racchetti

Observer from Board of Directors
Giacomo Lurani

Regulatory control

Second level of control

Compliance and Anti money laundering
Gianluca Potenza

Risk Management
Gianluca Potenza

Third level of control

Internal Audit
Laura Lorenzoni
(TMF Compliance Italy S.r.l.)

Supervisory body

Legislative Decree 231/2001

Riccardo Andriolo