Sustainability for

a better future.

In an increasingly aware world of the impact of economic activities on society and the environment, ESG factors have become a crucial element in evaluating corporate performance.

Kervis strongly believes in the importance of integrating ESG principles into its business model. Because sustainability is not just a word, but a guiding principle for our daily actions.


Sustainability pillars

What we believe in

Environment first

Kervis firmly believes that real estate operations should embrace environmental sustainability values by promoting energy efficiency standards. Therefore, the Group is dedicated to reducing impact and emissions by constructing buildings certified with the highest ESG standards, protecting the environment through waste reduction efforts and minimizing land consumption.

Commitment to a sustainable society

Nurturing relationships with communities is key to fully integrating a project into the urban fabric it serves. Kervis is committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders and promoting services and activities aimed at enhancing the lives of local communities. We strive to protect and improve the physical and mental well-being of the communities in which we operate.

Commitment to our employees

We foster a culture of Respect and Diversity by creating a respectful and inclusive work environment, promoting diversity, and ensuring equal opportunities. We invest in employee training to support our sustainability strategy.

Integration of ESG into Governance

We have established procedures to recognize and address governance, social, and environmental risks throughout the acquisition, development, and management stages of our real estate assets.

Transparency and Compliance

We adhere to clear rules to encourage exemplary behavior and ensure regulatory compliance.

Ethics and Governance

A safe working environment and transparent governance contribute to enhancing work quality and driving Group performance. Kervis has long promoted a fair and inclusive corporate culture and has adopted the Organizational Model 231 and the Code of Ethics, which regulate issues such as health and safety, data protection and privacy, corruption, and tax fraud.



BIM a success story.

Bicocca Incontra Milan (BiM) is an urban redevelopment project in the Bicocca area, promoted by Kervis. This project aims to be a model of sustainable urban redevelopment in Milan. The focus is on transforming a pre-existing property into Class A offices, meeting the highest ESG and sustainability standards. The building is designed to achieve major international green certifications, such as LEED Platinum, BREEAM Excellent, Well Gold, and WiredScore enabled. BiM also introduces an innovative “give back” model for the neighborhood, making use of the construction period as an opportunity for citizens. Throughout the construction phase, BiM spaces will host a rich cultural program, creating a social hub within the Bicocca district.